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Új gyártó jelent meg a kínálatunkban, megkezdtük az Antelope Audio termékek forgalmazását. A választékban kiváló minőségű DAC-ok és órajelgenerátorok szerepelnek.

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459 900 Ft


619 900 Ft

Zodiac Gold

849 900 Ft


265 000 Ft

Zodiac+ Bundle

859 000 Ft

Zodiac Gold Bundle

990 000 Ft

Isochrone DA

310 000 Ft

Isochrone OCX

365 000 Ft

Isochrone OCX-V

450 000 Ft

Isochrone Trinity

790 000 Ft

Isochrone 10M

1 690 000 Ft

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Zodiac F.A.Q.



How can I update my Zodiac?


In order to update your Zodiac, you have to first download and instal the software control panel. Now you can update your Zodiac by right clicking on the control panel and choosing "Program Update". The panel will guide you through the setup process.




Why do I need to update my Zodiac?


It is recommended to stay with your current Firmware Version if your DAC is working effectively, as there are no changes in performance! It is only necessary to update your Zodiac to the latest firmware version if you are having connectivity problems or issues concerning audio quality.




I have trouble establishing a USB connection with my PC/MAC.


Occasionally, when some computers running Windows OS are restarted, Zodiac DAC can't be recognized as a valid audio device. If this occurs, the device must be restarted by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable.




I downloaded the latest firmware version and I am having problems.


If you encounter any problems after updating your firmware, you are encouraged to try the update again. If this fails, roll back to a previous firmware version, as it should work more effectively with your system.




How can I adjust the output volume in my Zodiac?


1. On the back panel of each Zodiac device there are a pair of trim pots (for the balanced outs). These adjusters enable the precise matching of the balanced outputs with your connected device from +9 dB ptp to +26dB ptp. The default setting is +4dBu RMS with a maximum level of +22dBu RMS. It takes 25 whole turns CLOCKWISE in order to turn all the volume down to its minimum setting, thus COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to the maximum. Also note that the trim pots don't have an end!




What type of cables should I use with my Zodiac?


Please avoid using standard analog audio cables for digital signals. Even though they may look the same, they are not designed to be used with digital audio and thus the performance will be compromised. We recommend the use of high quality cables at all costs. For SPDIF or BNC-WC cables, 75 Ohm high quality coaxial cable is also recommended. For AES/EBU it is recommended to use 110 Ohm shielded twisted pair (STP) cables. Also as a basic rule, do not allow the length of Word Clock cables to exceed more than 6 meters.




I have trouble playing 384khZ files on my PC?


The Zodiac Gold enables playback of 384kHz music files only when using Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu and a High Speed USB Type B connector/cable.




What is the Control Panel? What is the use of it?


The Zodiac Control Panel is a desktop application enabling you to easily control multiple options on your Zodiac DAC whilst ensuring the latest firmware update is just a click away. The control panel is completely compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux. In addition to the hassle free firmware update, you can select the source input, change the USB audio class, or activate a peak meter. For Zodiac Gold you can also adjust the volume, and change the headphone impedance and attenuation.




What are the differences between the Zodiac models/ which Zodiac should I buy?


The choice of DAC always reflects your requirements. You can either choose from the great value/ high quality Zodiac, the Zodiac+ with expanded connectivity options and functions, or the flagship Zodiac Gold with even greater options, ultra high performance playback of 384 kHz files, plus an elegant remote control!




Is the Zodiac a preamp?


Zodiac is a preamp not intended to be used with a second preamp connected to it. It's basically a DAC with line level outputs-so it is intended to be connected directly to your power amp. Since the Zodiac works like a preamp, if you connect a preamp after the Zodiac, you will get the whole signal amplified again (thus you will have some Signal to Noise Ratio problems), and if you lower the volume level the S/N Ratio will go down and you will hear all the noise artifacts from the Zodiac, which are not audible if you listen directly by headphones.




What is a typical setup that I can play my Zodiac in?


This always varies from system to system. You can implement your Zodiac in every system.




How can I bypass the amp after the converter, in order to use the direct output from the DAC?


You cannot bypass the amp after the converter because there is no additional amplification-only volume control, there is no such option.




How can I reset the trim pots to the factory settings?


In order to do this, you have to use specific measuring equipment. Please contact your dealer/ retailer for the appropriate procedure.




Can I connect my Zodiac with other devices through USB?


Up to now, you cannot. The USB is intended to be used for PC/MAC use only. You should connect your other devices on your digital inputs.




Can I connect my iPod, iPhone or Android Smartphone to my Zodiac through USB?


Up to now there is no such an option.




Voltikus F.A.Q.



Does Voltikus improve the performance of the Zodiac?


Voltikus is designed to perfectly match your Zodiac DAC by helping it achieve the punch and sonic richness of deep lows, a full range of mids, and tightly defined highs. This degree of performance is accomplished by incorporating a hefty, custom-wound, electrostatically shielded toroidal transformer followed by a unique concept of three cascaded power regulators. A precision laser-trimmed voltage reference (LT1021) serves as the backbone of this discrete design, achieving the stability impossible with off-the-shelf voltage regulators.




There is some noise/buzz coming out of my speakers when I connect the Voltikus on my Zodiac. What should I do?


Sometimes there might be some hum and buzz problems caused by ground loops. You can try using the Ground / Lift switch in order to eliminate this problem.

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Az Zodiac Gold típusú DAC-ja ezentúl rendelhető "Noir" és "Natural" kivitelben is, így stílusban jobban illeszthető a meglévő eszközökhöz.



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Új termék: Eclipse



Mastering AD/DA converter with 64 bit acoustically focused clocking




Antelope Audio Eclipse Features:



64-bit DSP Trinity-quality clocking

0.001 PPM Oven-controlled oscillator

Two independent sample rates

Complete Varispeed capability

10M Atomic clock input


384 kHz A/D & D/A converters

A/D with Dynamic Range of 124 dB

D/A with Dynamic Range of 129 dB

Two bypassable A/D inserts

480 Mbits USB 2.0 custom chip


Three sets of switchable monitor outs

Second dedicated monitor D/A

Base Management with LFE output

Relay attenuators matched to 0.05 dB

Complete management via user-friendly Mac/PC/Linux software control panel.


Six different presets for convenient set-up


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Zodiac rulez! A még talán megfizethető árú DAC-ok egy legjobbika!

Szívesen tudnék magaménak egyet!! Aki teheti hallgassa meg!

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